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Next Generation Marine Materials for Resilient Offshore
Renewable Energy Devices

The MORE Project

The MORE project will focus on harmonizing small- and large-scale multi-degradation rigs, to create a fast track for validation of materials, starting from, but not limited to, metallic materials and metal coatings typically suffering tribocorrosion and multi-degradation (passive metals), to enable the industrial uptake of these methods and improve the systems’ reliability and lifetime. MORE will demonstrate a multi-degradation validation pathway for materials and subcomponents to be used as a case study in the offshore renewable energy sector. While innovative offshore renewable energy device technologies are gaining popularity, operating them in harsh marine environment is a complex and challenging process that jeopardizes the deployment of these very important technologies for the future generations.


This project is funded by the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) program, proposal CETP2022-00345.



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